2014 Florida Dairy Farmers News Releases

2014 Great American Milk Drive
2014-05-14: 2nd Annual Dakin Dairy Day

2013 Florida Dairy Farmers News Releases

2013-08-26 Chocolate Milk – Halloween
2013-03-13 March National Nutrition Month

2013-02-05 Dairy Day at the Fair
2013-02-04 Lactose Intolerance Awareness Month
2013-01-21 Coolers for Coaches – Round 1
2013-01-14 Healthy Super Bowl Tips and Recipes

2012 Florida Dairy Farmers News Releases

2012-12-19 Avoiding the Extra Holiday Pounds
2012-11-27 Holiday Art Contest Winner
2012-11-09 Boost Nutrition During Holidays
2012-11-08 Orlando School Wins Prize for Helping Kids Eat Healthy, Exercise
2012-09-12 Milk Scores High Over Dairy Alternatives
2012-09-04 Sales of Whole and 2 Percent Milk Outpace Skim and Fat-Free in Florida
2012-08-15 FDF Sports Awards Winners Bring Home 10 Medals From Olympics
2012-08-15 Telling the Story of Dairy Farming Through Sports
2012-06-14  Tasty Ideas to Keep Your Kids Happy and Healthy on the Road
2012-05-29 June Dairy Month
2012-04-20 FDF Wins Top FPRA Award for Reading Program
2012-02-08 Butler Oaks Farm Tour
2012-01-30 Healthy Super Bowl Recipes
2012-01-18 Gainesville Library Reading Program

2011 Florida Dairy Farmers News Releases

2011-11-11 Holiday Art Contest
2011-09-15 Hispanic Heritage Month
2011-08-30 New Floridamilk.com Website Launched
2011-08-11 Arcadia Summer Reading Program
2011-07-29 Newberry Summer Reading Program
2011-07-06 Mayo Summer Reading Program
2011-07-06 Sebring Summer Reading Program
2011-03-09 Junior Gator Breakfast