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10 Back-to-School Snacks that Kids Will Love

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It's time to wave goodbye to the lazy days of summer and gear up for back-to-school routines. Having a few go-to, easy-to-make, healthy snack and breakfast ideas will help simplify your back-to-school preparation and ensure that your family is getting the nutritious foods they need to power through the school day.

According to recent studies, students who eat breakfast show improved cognitive function, attention, and memory. Also, students who eat breakfast the morning of a standardized test score higher in essential skills including reading and math.

alt textDairy, along with foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, is an important part of a student’s balanced nutritional needs. Dairy has 13 essential vitamins and nutrients including protein, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin A, which help maintain bone health, a healthy blood pressure, and more. Calcium, vitamin D, and potassium are especially important as they are 3 of the 4 nutrients that many Americans are lacking in their diet.

Below are healthy kid-friendly recipes that are quick and easy to make to help you and your family reach the recommended three servings of dairy daily.

Fruit & Waffle Kabobs with Yogurt and Honey Dip

alt textColorful, customizable, nutritious, and delicious, kids will have so much fun making and eating their kabobs that they will not even realize it’s healthy! Make it even more flavorful with an easy-to-make yogurt and honey dip. Recipe link here.

PB & J Milkshake

alt textPut a fun twist on a back-to-school staple with a peanut butter and jelly milkshake. All you need is 4 ingredients and a blender, and you’ve created the perfect afternoon snack. Recipe link here.

Chia Seed Power Bowl

alt textFull of nutrient-rich foods like milk, chia seeds, berries and more, a breakfast like this will make sure students start the day right. Recipe link here.

Breakfast on the Go

alt textThis on-the-go breakfast is the perfect solution for busy caregivers who’d like to make a single breakfast everyone can enjoy. Recipe link here.

Mini Fruit Tacos

alt textThese mini fruit tacos are fun for the whole family and easily customizable. Use a yogurt and cream cheese spread to hold everything in place. Recipe link here.

Bubble Tea

alt textEnjoy bubble tea from the comfort of your own home. Try our strawberry, blueberry, or mango flavor bubble tea or create your own using your favorite fruit. Recipe link here.

Kids’ Breakfast Fruit & Veggie Sushi

alt textMake breakfast fun with Kids’ Breakfast Fruit & Veggie Sushi! Combine fruits, veggies, whole grains, and dairy for a nutritious and delicious snack. Recipe link here.

Peanut Butter Popsicles

alt textThis 4-ingredient healthy popsicle is easy-to-make. It’s diabetic friendly too! Recipe link here.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

alt textCombine tart berries and creamy milk for a healthy snack. This classic combination is perfect for a back-to-school breakfast or afternoon study session. Recipe link here.

Peach Moon Milk

alt textThis peach moon milk is the perfect healthy snack to wind down your day. With only 5 ingredients like nutritious peaches and milk, this recipe is as easy-to-make as it is delicious. Recipe link here.

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