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9 Tasty Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month


Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs September 15th to October 15th, is a great time to celebrate the contributions Hispanic culture has made to the food we enjoy. From cheesy quesadillas to dulce de leche cake, dairy is an essential part of these popular foods and Hispanic Heritage Month is a great time to enjoy recipes that are becomming fan favorites across America.

Easy Cheesy Quesadillas  


Combine your favorite Mexican flavors with cheesy goodness in these easy-to-make quesadillas. Add a flavorful kick with a creamy dipping sauce. Follow the directions here.

Colombian Cheese Bread 


Colombian Cheese Bread - also known as Pandebono, originated in Columbia. These warm rolls are infused with cheesy flavor and use Yucca starch or Yucca flour. Follow these simple steps to make yours here.

Mojito Bar Cookies 


Put a new spin on a Cuban fan favorite. Harness the citrusy taste of a mojito in gooey, delicious cookie bars when you follow the recipe linked here.


3 Cheese Chorizo Dip 


Enjoy this Mexican chorizo sausage with 3 cheese dip. This layered cheese and sausage dip is sure to give you a dairy delicious taste in every bite. See the recipe here. 

Spanish Omelet 


Tired of scrambled eggs for breakfast? Then try this Spanish Omelet for a change. Use the suggested Latin cheeses for an extra creamy flavor. Follow this link to make your own.  


Stuffed Yucca Fritters 


Enjoy a Colombian classic with these dairy delicious stuffed yucca fritters. Add a creamy garlic sauce for even more flavor. Learn how to make it here



These easy-to-make arepas use only 5 ingredients and are highly customizable. Enjoy them as they are for a Colombian arepas or stuff them with cheese, meat, and eggs, for a Venezuelan version. Follow this link so you can make your own here

Chicken and Avocado Enchiladas 


Creamy avocado and rich cheeses make the foundation of this chicken enchilada recipe. Add green chilies and onion for an extra burst of flavor. Just follow this link!

Espresso Chocolate Flan 


You can’t celebrate Hispanic foods without mentioning the fan-favorite flan. Add a rich, espresso chocolate flavor to the classic flan in this dairy delicious recipe. Find it here.  

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