Moo-lah for Schools

Moo-lah for Schools

Moo Brew

moo brew


This funding will be used to create a freestanding coffee bar for high school students. This is an opportunity to serve 8oz. of milk with 2 oz. of coffee and added flavorings that fit into your school wellness policy.


  • Gain revenue by offering coffee flavor combinations that students may otherwise select offsite.
  • Opportunity to increase the amount of students who choose school meals to pair with a coffee beverage.
  • Allows students that might not normally select milk with their school meals to consume milk.

Items Provided: 1 Coffee Bar Kiosk wrapped with dairy artwork, 1 banner, 1 rolling barrel cooler.
Value of Grant: $6400/school

*The Dairy Council of Florida will order and purchase all items once grant is awarded, no funds will be exchanged.

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Florida Dairy Farmers
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Altamonte Springs, Florida, 32701
Phone: (407) 647-8899