Being a dairy farmer takes a 24/7 commitment every day of the year. Even on holidays, the cows must be milked and cared for.

Yet, these farmers often produce milk in agricultural parts of the state that many consumers never see. But our Florida dairy farms are far from faceless corporations. Most are family owned and operated, and it’s not uncommon to see different generations working alongside each other every day to keep the milk flowing.

Generations of farmers have milked cows all across Florida, and there is a younger generation ready to one day take its place to keep the industry moving forward. Family dairy farms in communities such as Okeechobee and Mayo provide grocery stores with a steady supply of fresh milk. At some dairies, it’s not uncommon to see husbands and wives working alongside their children or grandchildren. Everyone at the farm has a job to do, whether it’s pitching in to milk the cows, caring for the calves or tending to the crops. It truly takes a family effort to keep running the farm a family affair.

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