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The Dairy Council of Florida partners with schools throughout the state to create a culture of health and wellness for students, teachers and families. We provide a comprehensive approach to support healthy school environments. We invite you to explore our resources and let us know how we can support health and wellness efforts at your school!

Florida Dairy FarmersIn the Schools

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School Programs

Fuel Up to Play 60, Discovery Education and all of our programs that make a sustainable and effective change in schools.

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Moo-lah for Schools

Our goal is to bring new opportunities to your school and expand others to maximize the best service to students with a number of funding opportunities.

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Contests and Success Stories

How about a little competitive spirit? Check out our upcoming contests and share your success stories with our programs!

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Designed by the Dairy Council of Florida, Mooga is cow-inspired yoga that is targeted towards teachers, students and their families.

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School Recipes

Access quick, easy, and nutritious school recipes that incorporate dairy into your daily diet.

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Educational Materials

In this section you will find a variety of free printable handouts and games to utilize with students to educate on dairy.

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Milk and sports go together. As an important part of an athlete’s diet, we are proud to promote the positive message of dairy to sports fans through our association with high school, college and professional sports organizations.

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