On The Farm

Meet OurFarmers

Being a dairy farmer takes a 24/7 commitment every day of the year.
Even on holidays, the cows must be milked and cared for.

Reyneveld Family

"We are the epitome of family owned and operated. My wife and I work on the farm with our son and his family. Aside from them, we have only one other employee."

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Watts Family

"Our rotary milking parlor can milk about 72 cows at a time and about 475 cows in an hour. That's eight minutes for the whole process from start to finish."

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Nickerson Family

"At our free range farm our cows are in the milking parlor for an average of four hours, so they get 20 hours to be out in the pasture every day."

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Mims Family

"The “little brown cow” is such a pleasure to own and work with. They truly are part of our family."

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Austin Family

“We want consumers to know that we invest countless hours each and every day to provide high quality milk and milk products to them in the most sustainable manner possible."

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Bennink Family

“I have always appreciated and enjoyed being around high-quality livestock. The science and economics of developing the most profitable cow to fit a particular system trips my trigger.”

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Butler Family

“Our family has always taken extreme pride in the product we produce."

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Eade Family

“We are all stakeholders in our communities. Each of us brings a unique perspective to the community, and the community can enhance our understanding of non-farm issues and concerns."

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Heijkoop Family

“We wake up every morning knowing that there’s a lot of hard work and determination that we’re going to have to put in to continue being successful. But it’s just what we do.”

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Henderson Family

“We try to encourage family members and staff alike to help us make a place for the future and continue to grow the farm.”

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Lussier Family

“As the general population moves farther away from agriculture, there are more and more misconceptions of what goes on at a farm. I wish the non-farming public could better understand how we really love our cows and do everything we can for them.”

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McClellan Family

“I never really had to start farming, I was born into it. I milked my way through high school.”

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Moore Family

“Our kids are taught to have a work ethic. They understand where their money comes from, and they know first-hand what it takes to get it. And with the families being involved in business, they learn by example the importance of open dialogue and clear communication.”

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Rucks Family

“Almost every cow in Florida is milked on a family farm. We do everything that is in our power to take care of the environment and our cattle."

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St. John Family

“I truly believe the statement that farmers were the first environmentalists, and I wish the consumer knew how highly skilled our employees must be to produce high-quality milk while being good stewards of the environment, cows and land.”

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Watkins Family

“We’re the third generation, and we’re raising the fourth generation of dairy farmers.”

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Wright Family

“One of the great things about the industry is the people. That’s why I kept getting involved in leadership because, quite frankly, I like dairy farmers a lot better than I like lawyers.”

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Florida Dairy FarmFarm Practices

cow cow

Cow Care

Treating animals with respect and compassion is part of every dairy farmer's heritage. Simply put, no dairy farmer can succeed without healthy & content cows.

dairy dairy

Dairy Quality

Maintaining milk's freshness and quality is a job that starts at the farm and continues through processing.

environment environment

Environmental Sensitivity

There's an old saying about farmers being the first environmentalists. Caring for the land, water and air remains a daily commitment by dairy farmers.

barn barn

Safekeeping Farms

The dairy industry works closely with government agencies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and others to safeguard the nation's milk supply.

wind wind

Modern Technology

Farmers have a vested interest in protecting wetlands, eco-diversity and other natural resources.

farm farm

Making the Grade

Dairy is one of the most regulated and inspected industries in agriculture. Dairy farms are inspected by both state and federal employees.

Florida DairyFacts

Here are some fun facts about
the Florida Dairy Farmers:

There are about 125,000 dairy cows in Florida that collectively produce about 300 million gallons of milk a year.

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From theFarmto theFridge

Because of these daily efforts at the farm, Floridians are able to enjoy a steady supply of fresh, nutritious milk, a product that's often called "nature's most perfect food."

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Map of Florida with locations of dairy farms

Florida DairyFarm Map

Florida’s dairy farmers
work every day to provide
a steady supply of fresh milk.

Meet Ourcows


The most common breed in Florida, Holstein cows originally came from the Netherlands and northern Germany.

Meet the Cows

Meet Ourcows

Milking Shorthorn

Originating in England, the Milking Shorthorn is an average sized breed with mature cows weighing nearly 1,250 lbs.

Meet the Cows

Meet Ourcows


Ayrshires are strong and robust cows with distinctive red and white markings that originated in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Meet the Cows

Meet Ourcows

Brown Swiss

A native to Switzerland, the Brown Swiss is the oldest of the pure dairy breeds.

Meet the Cows

Meet Ourcows


Guernsey’s are a shade of fawn with clearly defined white markings that originated on the Isle of Guernsey (off the coast of the British Isles).

Meet the Cows

Meet Ourcows


This breed originated on the island of Jersey (off the coast of the British Isles).

Meet the Cows
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