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Dairy Moments: The Outsiders Club

The Dairy Council of Florida partnered with Crawford Entertainment to add a “Dairy Moment” to each episode of season 3 of “The Outsiders Club” to highlight the importance of incorporating dairy into our diets in fun and creative ways. Below you will see the first clip, but be sure click on the links below to see all of the segments. These segments are great resources to use for school announcements!

Below you will see a compilation video of our Cooking It Up With Dairy! six video series. Here are the time spots for each segment:

  • Overnight Oats: 0:00 to 2:09
  • Breakfast Tacos: 2:10 to 4:03
  • Smoothie Bowls 4:04 to 7:26
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: 7:27 to 16:02
  • Yogurt Based Dips: 16:03 to 22:55
  • Dairy Packed Smoothies: 22:56 to 29:19