Valentine's Hot Cocoa Bombs

Valentine's Hot Cocoa Bombs
Prep Time BG 10+chilling

Prep Time


Cook Time BG 0

Cook Time


Total Time BG 10+chilling

Total Time


Serving BG 3



Recipe by Juan of Juan Bite at a Time


  • Sphere mold
  • Dark or white chocolate almond bark
  • Hot cocoa mix
  • Marshmallows
  • Sprinkles
  • 1 cup of milk


  1. Start by melting about half of an almond bark or chocolate chips (if preferred). 
  2. Use microwave in 15-second intervals, constantly stirring. 
  3. Spread the melted chocolate in the molds (not too much and not too little) and set it in the freezer for 3-5 minutes. 
  4. Once hardened, fill one half with marshmallows and hot cocoa mix. 
  5. To seal, melt some more chocolate and dip the non filled half in it. Place on top of the filled one. 
  6. Set in the freezer to solidify the seal
  7. As soon as it's fully sealed, you can decorate it with your choice of frosting and sprinkles! 
  8. Place one cocoa bomb in a cup of your choice and pour one cup of hot Florida Milk over the bomb
  9. Stir and enjoy!
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