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15 Quick Breakfast Ideas

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many of us don’t have time in the morning to put together a nutritious and delicious meal. We’re here to help with fifteen breakfast recipes that require little to no measuring, baking, or preparing (though some need to sit overnight) and are all delicious, nutritious, and feature milk!

Cafe con Leche Overnight Oats

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Mix milk, oats, cinnamon, vanilla, and espresso together and let it sit overnight. Wake up to a nutritious and delicious breakfast waiting for you to enjoy. Recipe link here.

Healthy Blueberry Breakfast Cake

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Enjoy cake for breakfast with this Healthy Blueberry Breakfast Cake. Use rice, bananas, and milk to create your healthy cake. Recipe link here.


Pumpkin Avocado Pudding 

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Try something new for breakfast with this Pumpkin Avocado Pudding. All you need to do is mix all the ingredients in a blender and let it sit. Recipe link here.


Chia Seed Power Pudding Bowl

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Combine nutritious ingredients like chia seeds, milk, granola, and fruit to power up your mornings. This Chia Seed Power Pudding Bowl is delicious as it is healthy! Recipe link here.


Mermaid Smoothie Bowl

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Enjoy a breakfast that’s healthy, colorful, and dairy delicious with this Mermaid Smoothie Bowl. It’s easily customizable too! Recipe link here.

Blueberry Orange Smoothie 

alt textSmoothies are an excellent way to start your day. Try this Blueberry Orange Smoothie packed with immune-boosting ingredients like milk and blueberries. Recipe link here.

Whipped Coffee 

alt textNo breakfast is complete without coffee! You can make this trendy breakfast in only 5 minutes and with 4 ingredients. Recipe link here.


Fruit and Waffle Kabobs with a Yogurt and Honey Dip 

alt textMake your own breakfast kabob with various fruits, cheeses, and waffle pieces. Add a yogurt dip for extra healthy flavors. Recipe link here.


Strawberry Basil Creamsicle 

alt textEnjoy a popsicle for breakfast with this delicious Strawberry Basil Creamsicle. Made with only four ingredients, including milk, it’s healthy and easy-to-make. Recipe link here.

Raspberries and Pistachio Overnight Oats

alt textOvernight Oats are always a fun way to start the day. Give this Raspberry and Pistachio Overnight Oats a try. Recipe link here.

Berry Breakfast Power Bowl

alt textFuel your mornings with this Berry Breakfast Power Bowl. Combine quinoa, milk, flax seed, berries, and toasted almonds for a delicious and nutritious meal. Recipe link here.


Mini Fruit Tacos

alt textMake your own breakfast taco. Use yogurt, cream cheese, fruit, and granola of your choice for a dairy delicious breakfast. Recipe link here.

Breakfast Sushi

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Have some fun with your breakfast with this Breakfast Sushi. Make your “sushi” with vegetables, fruits, cheeses, leafy greens, yogurt, honey, peanut butter, and crackers. Recipe link here.


Simple Apple Smoothie 

alt textGo with a classic for breakfast with a smoothie. Try this creamy, fresh, and dairy delicious Apple Spinach Smoothie. Recipe link here.


Yogurt Power Bowl

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Combine nutritious and powerful foods in this Yogurt Power Bowl. Made with yogurt, bananas, granola, whey protein, and egg whites, this breakfast is healthy and delicious. Recipe link here

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